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Weekly Report - 01 September 2017




Most of this week I spent on getting dynamic topology information from the network. I mostly focused on implementing support for OSPF. I extended the simulation tools to allow starting quagga ospfd router instances and extended the connection tools to work as well. I then created a test OSPF network and spent some time trying to connect to it to receive link state updates. After some experimentation, I managed to integrate a tool that will establish an OSPF connection to a router and receive link state updates, which it stores and processes. Network information is built from the link state database. This info is sent to the disaggregator which will process it and create a topology object from it. When a network change occurs, either due to something expires. a link going down or something new being advertised, the internal topology of the disaggregator will be modified accordingly.

I have also spent some time modifying the configuration file in preparation for support of more protocols to get dynamic topology information of our network. The config file now accepts multiple protocols as well as multiple static files to load topology information from. The dynamic protocol probe tools are automatically started by the network module based on the config file protocol type and configuration attributes.

At the end of the week, I spent some time working on implementing better filtering of prefixes to peers based on the negotiated MP-BGP AFI/SAFI attributes.