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Week Ending 23/11/12




Managed to get .class.c files to compile into .class.o at the start of the
wek. Spent a while trying to figure out how to communicate with the MSP430
over JTAG in linux, although i could only find programs that use parallel
and serial ports to transfer data rather than USB.
The decision was then made to switch from using linux to a windows machine,
this allowed us to use TI's Code Composer Studio; an IDE used to debug TI
embedded processors. This simplified the process of debugging and the
toolchain for compiling is automated.
In the last few days I worked on getting interrupt-driven serial
communication working so that the node could send data to a connected
computer. As of the end of the week it can send/recieve strings without
polling. Also managed to upload a hydra.elf to a node.