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Week 6 (09/01/2015)




Now working at Virscient on the project. This week I worked alongside Dean, setting up the test environment for programming the devices and creating a simple test network.

We have set up a Linux computer, which is connected to an IPv6 router via Ethernet. The IPv6 router is connected to a server (called "Convincing John") to allow safe connectivity to the internet. On the Linux computer is a python script which creates a tap interface so that we can read and write packets from the WSN to Ethernet and vice versa by bridging the Ethernet and tap interface. On the WSN side we have a cc2538 device with 6LBR acting as a router, which has been modified to output packet information to be printed (for debugging purposes) and written to the Ethernet interface by the python script. The python script is used to read packets coming in from the serial on the WSN and write to Ethernet (IPv6 router), and in the reverse direction reads packets coming in from the Ethernet side and writing to the serial to the cc2538 device.