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Week 5 (12/12/2014)




By removing DTLS I could communicate with the CoAP server (cc2538 device) via the Copper client on my host VM. I can get the uptime, and turn on and off each led light on the device.

I've been testing the er-rest-server and er-rest-client code provided by contiki (which uses the CoAP protocol) on the devices to understand what works with the cc2538 devices and to get a better understanding of the code. Aim is to have the devices wake up at regular time intervals and publish their data to a CoAP server (on the 6lbr router) then sleep after receiving an ACK to conserve power.

Did a bit of research into the contikiMAC driver which allows the radio on the device to be switched off for more than 99% of the time whilst still being able to relay packets. This would be ideal to further limit power consumption in the WSN.