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Week 4 (5/12/2014)




After the meeting this week it was decided to implement 6lbr as a router to allow routing to IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. I have flashed the cc2538 devices with 6lbr-demo code configured as a CoAP server over DTLS, and installed the Copper add on to firefox on my host VM. From my host VM I can ping to the devices on the WSN and view the 6lbr webpage which now has an active link to the CoAP server for each device. Having difficulty getting the CoAP client communicating with the CoAP servers, will look further into this next week.

Also had a look at the MQTT protocol as an alternative to CoAP, but given MQTT does not map to HTTP nor is supported by contiki, it makes more sense to use CoAP. LWM2M (OMA light weight M2M), a simple protocol and standard device management interface can be built on top of CoAP, thus it would be ideal to have LWM2M on top of CoAP for my devices communicating over the WSN.