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Week 3 (28/11/2014)




Got Wireshark working using a python script to capture packets from the USB dongle and pipe them to Wireshark.

Set up the network so that both VMs shared the same wifi hot spot. From my phone I could access the routers web interface via WiFi connection. Been looking into 6lbr router code and 6lbr-demo code to get an idea of how to implement the 6lbr border router as a bridge and devices as a CoAP server. Next week I plan to get the devices communicating using the CoAP protocol with DTLS using contiki example code, each device in the network will act as a web server to display sensor data on request from a CoAP client (which will be my host VM using the Firefox browser and Copper add on (Copper is a protocol handler for CoAP to interact with the Internet of Things)).