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Week 2 (21/11/2014)




Got the USB dongle packet sniffer working with SmartRF sniffer software to detect packets on my 6LoWPAN test bed.

Installed 6LBR (boundary router) onto a VM attached to a cc2538 device acting as a slip radio - this required hardware specific code as it wasn't supported by 6lbr, as well as updating the Makefile and source files to compile with cc2538. Also fiddled around with the configuration settings (RF channel, PAN ID, drivers) of my device running 6lbr-demo example code, 6lbr router (on VM) and slip radio to get everything working together.

To check the ethernet side of my boundary router I set up another VM (host VM) which could ping to the router VM and access the 6lbr router website. This displayed information about devices on the network, packets sent and an RPL (routing protocol for low-power and lossy networks) tree (DODAG). From the host VM I can ping packets to the device on the 6LoWPAN network using the address given for the device on the 6lbr website.