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Week 10 (13/02/2015)




This week I spent time tidying up code, my Wiki page, and committing code changes to Mercurial. Did a bit of testing on my current set-up to test the reliability of pinging to clients (as packet loss was high). Seems that packet loss occurs very early on and then becomes more stable over time.

There are NS (Neighbour Solicitations) being sent by the gateway onto the network every 10 seconds. I'm still unsure as to why this is necessary and have tried modifying the code to increase the retransmit time (this resulted in a 20 second interval between each NS), and removing it completely but then I was unable to ping the gateway device. Either there is a reason for this functionality or there is a bug.

I have also had a look into microCoAP (CoAP server which runs on Linux) and have it running on my machine, but have not been able to communicate to it from the WSN. Ideally we would want the CoAP server running on Linux.