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Week 1 (14/11/2014)




Read Brad Christensens Report "Building a Network for the Internet of Things with the Constrained Application Protocol" to point me in the right direction for my research. Had a meeting with Dean Armstrong at Ruakura to discuss the software and protocols to use and get a basic idea of what we expect to achieve from this project.

After installing all the software needed I looked into implementing a boundary router.

Created a 6LoWPAN (IPv6 Low-power Wireless Personal Area Network) test bed consisting of an rpl border router (cc2538 device flashed with example code) connected to a VM via UART using the SLIP protocol. The router forwarded UDP packets to a cc2538 device flashed with udp-echo-server example code (provided by contiki). From the VM I could ping to the device and access the border router webpage which displayed the neighbouring device.