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Libtrace 3.0.21 released




Libtrace 3.0.21 has been released today.

This release fixes many bugs that have been reported by our users, including:
* trace_interrupt() now works properly for int, bpf, dag and ring formats.
* fixed double-counting of accepted packets when using the event API.
* fixed incorrect filtered packet counts for bpf format.
* fixed crash when performing very large reads with libwandio.
* fixed inconsistent behaviour if a bad filter string is used with int and dag formats.
* fixed potential infinite loop when combining filters, the event API and the pcapint format.
* fixed incorrect wire lengths when using SNAPLEN config option to truncate packets captured using the int format.

The full list of changes in this release can be found in the libtrace ChangeLog.

You can download the new version of libtrace from the libtrace website.