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Libtrace 3.0.20 released




Libtrace 3.0.20 has been released today.

This release fixes several bugs that have been reported by users, adds support for LZMA compression to libwandio and adds an API function for getting the fragment offset for an IP packet.

The bugs fixed in this release are:
* Fixed broken snaplen option for ring: input.
* Fixed trace_get_source_port and trace_get_destination_port returning bogus port numbers when given a fragmented packet.
* Fixed timestamp byte ordering on big endian architectures.
* Removed assert failure if a bad compression level or method is provided when configuring an output trace. A libtrace error is raised instead.
* Fixed broken compiler feature checking in configure script. Compiler features are also detected for compilers other than gcc, e.g. clang.
* Fixed potential segfaults in OSPF libpacketdump parser if the packet is truncated midway through the OSPF header.

The OSPF bug fix unfortunately resulted in the 'len' field in the libtrace_ospf_t structure being renamed to 'ospf_len' -- if you are using libtrace to process OSPF packets, please make sure you update your code accordingly.

The full list of changes in this release can be found in the libtrace ChangeLog.

You can download the new version of libtrace from the libtrace website.