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Libtrace 3.0.18 released




Libtrace 3.0.18 has been released.

This release fixes several bugs that have been reported in 3.0.17. In particular, this release fixes several crash bugs in the libtrace tools that were reported by the Mayhem team at Carnegie Mellon University. It also addresses a rare bug where the compression auto-detection could trigger a false positive on uncompressed ERF traces by including a new format URI (rawerf:) that can be used to force libtrace to treat the traces as uncompressed. We have also tightened up the compression auto-detection somewhat to reduce the likelihood of the bug occurring.

It is highly recommended that you explicitly use the rawerf: format if you are working with large numbers of uncompressed ERF traces.

The full list of changes in this release can be found in the libtrace ChangeLog.

You can download the new version of libtrace from the libtrace website.