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Libtrace 3.0.17 released




Libtrace 3.0.17 has finally been released.

This release adds some new convenience functions to the libtrace API and fixes a number of bugs, many of which have been reported by users.

The major changes in this release are:
* Added API functions for getting the IP address from a packet as a string.
* Added API functions for calculating packet checksums at the IP and transport layers.
* Fixed major bug where the event API was not working with int: inputs.
* Fixed broken checksum calculations in tracereplay.
* Fixed bug where IP headers embedded inside ICMP messages were not being anonymised by traceanon.
* Added API support for working with ICMPv6 headers.

The full list of changes in this release can be found in the libtrace ChangeLog.

You can download the new version of libtrace from the libtrace website.