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BSOD Client 2.0.2 released




A new version of the BSOD client (2.0.2) was released today. This release fixes the bug where particles would continue traveling past the planes instead of stopping. We've also restored movement through the 3D space using WASD which used to be present in the older clients. Now you can easily zoom in on the interesting endpoints on each plane and click on them easily to identify them!

We've built updated binaries for Mac OS X and Windows too. The Windows binary now comes with a proper installer. Both the Mac and Windows binaries are 32-bit, due to the limitations of some libraries we depend upon, but have been tested successfully on 64-bit machines.

A new version of the server was also recently released that fixes a build error on some systems and fixes a bug where input looping was not working correctly.

The new versions of BSOD server and client can be downloaded from here. Any problems or questions should be addressed to contact [at] wand [dot] net [dot] nz