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Weekly Report for week ending 2 December 2016




Wrote a short program to read from a RabbitMQ queue and dump the data as a CSV file. It had been requested for a particular site to get access to the data in other tools, and I think it's a helpful example for others wanting to do things with the data outside of what our tools provide.

Finished updating the site configuration web interface to show basic information about whether a site has a certificate or not (if using the amppki package), and allowing signing of the certificate in simple cases. Created a new user to run this web code. Found and fixed a few amppki user interface bugs as well, such as expired certs counting as duplicates (and triggering the simple protection code) when trying to revoke them.

Built and deployed some new packages for ampy and ampweb. Spent way too long trying to fix some issues caused by versioning of python modules where the Debian version is too old. Quietened a few unnecessary messages during package install.